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In which some 500 United Nations peacekeepers had been taken hostage by rebel forces. So there were a number of dynamics going on there. The new army was being formed, there were concerns about the viability of the peace process, there were concerns about there being some kind of a return to armed conflict. So I think my last comment reflected that, certainly given reflecting concerns of the relatively recent rebel offensive against Freetown.

I also wanted to comment on the reporter's what I would characterise as inaccurate portrayal of a number of things here. First of all the three year old - this is a case I'm familiar with. According to our own information while tragic this little girl did not lose her arm by a drug crazed rebel, I don't know how they would have been able to know whether the rebel was drug crazed anyway, even though there was a lot of drug use within the Sierra Leonean armed conflict, but according to our research this little girl lost her arm after her grandmother who was carrying the little girl on her back was shot as she was trying to flee, shot by rebel forces in the January offensive.

Also at that time, this is 2000, people were not being butchered and mutilated every day. The incidents of mutilation had come down drastically by 2000, even though there were still occasional cases of it

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