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Well they talked about RUF being mobilised from a number of different places in Sierra Leone, including Tongo Field was one of the ones that they mentioned and I believe Kailahun. I will have to review. There were mentions of meetings that took place both in Liberia and Sierra Leone, in advance of this operation, in which orders were given to the combatants who would participate in those cross-border attacks.

There was one mention from one of those that I interviewed - and I cannot recall whether this one was included in my "Youth, Poverty and Blood" report - of one combatant saying that he had spoken with his commander who received orders from Charles Taylor. That is one mention. A few of them mentioned Benjamin Yeaten as having given them orders, and I think what was important from our point of view as Human Rights Watch was that there were quite explicit orders given to commit human rights abuses against the Guinean population and that is the reason why I conducted these interviews and included this section in my report in "Youth, Poverty and Blood". It was within a section of that report which dealt with issues of human rights abuses and the extent that the warring factions tried to mitigate those abuses, and this section was included in that report with respect to a time when there were explicit orders given to commit human rights abuses which occurred in Guinea and which we documented.

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