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Your Honours, the Prosecution submits that this evidence, this part of the evidence, is relevant to the - to its case in that it goes to bolster the material that we need to produce to show one of the modes of liability which we have - which we say the accused - by which we say the accused is responsible for the crimes that we have charged.

Your Honours, the common - the CPE, common purpose or common plan, or common enterprise if you like, requires us to show to a certain extent how the intent, participation and perhaps foreseeability and we do - and there has been evidence before the Court already indicating that there had been association by the accused with rebels in Sierra Leone and that association was not only limited to the presence of those rebels within Sierra Leone, but also while they were outside Sierra Leone in Liberia.

And there has been also evidence before the Court and we make the point that it is important to be able to understand the dynamics of the conflict in Sierra Leone you would need to also understand the conflict that was going on in Liberia, because there is every evidence that Sierra Leoneans were also included and also were involved in that evidence. We have heard from the witness already that there cross-border attacks and obviously those attacks would have involved troops staging attacks - moving from Sierra Leone and staging attacks outside Sierra Leone. And, your Honours, all of that effort had to be co-ordinated, or was co-ordinated by somebody, and so in my submission and the Prosecution's submission this evidence is relevant to show who and to what extent the persons who were associated with the rebels were involved in this plan.

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