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Well, in terms of detectable patterns, the report noted that the majority - the vast majority - of incidents of sexual violence against girls and women were committed by members of the rebel factions. It noted that there were some instances of sexual violence by other factions, but they were not many in number. It documents sexual violence committed in the course of rebel attacks, as well as after girls and women were abducted and returned to rebel bases. It covers various different categories of sexual violence, including individual and gang rape, sexual slavery, rape with foreign objects like wood and weapons and umbrellas and pistols and other types of weapons, as well as other types of sexual violence, but it focuses on the rebel offences and primarily also on the issue of abduction and the types of abuses women and girls were subjected to whilst being held in rebel camps, being forced to work, being subjected to extraordinary brutality both during the attacks as well as within the rebel camps.

Many of the girls it notes went on to become combatants themselves, who were subsequently "married" in quotes to the rebel combatants, bore children from them. You know, it chronicles the extreme hardship that these girls went through, as well as the difficulties they had in terms of their physical well-being and then the difficulties they had during reintegration back into their families and communities.

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