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Father Chema, good morning to you. My name is Andrew Cayley and along with my colleagues, Mr Courtenay Griffiths and Mr Terry Munyard - I think you understand, you are a trained lawyer - we act on behalf of Mr Taylor. I don't have many questions for you and certainly we, on this side of the Court, appreciate very much the kind of work that you have been doing with these children, but I do need to make some clarifications with you about some of the things you said and also to explore a number of issues with you.

Again, if you can heed what the Presiding Judge said and look at the judges when I ask you questions. I know it is somewhat unnatural, but it will help the interpreters and in essence you are addressing the judges, you are not addressing me.

Again, if there is any question that I put to you that you don't understand, please stop me and ask me to repeat it. We will go at quite a slow pace because in between us, as you know, there are interpreters interpreting for the purposes of the people in West Africa actually watching the proceedings.

Now, you stated in your evidence on Friday and today that most of the children that you had at St Michael's had been with the RUF. You recall that, yes?

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