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We have what we call an alternative care programme for those children whose family couldn't be found, or those children the family didn't want to take them back. In severe cases the family was afraid of taking their children. So, this programme have four units. The first one it was foster family for those little children up to 10 years old. They were given foster care to a family. Then we have what we call group homes where a family took care of four or five children, going to a school. We call - we had apprenticeship: Children learning a skill, training, a skill. We will send to a workshop and they stay with the doctor and the family of this doctor while they learn the skill and then finally we had what we called independent living, for the bigger ones. We helped them to rent a room. We gave them some money to start business so that they could support themselves while they were going to a school, or to learn their skill.

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