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Once we got the information when we thought it was true and we could believe, because as I told you on Friday many times we had to interview the children several times until we got the right information from them, we have a particular team of social workers that will go to the place, to the village, or the area where the children came from, trying to find their family. If the family was found then they will talk with them to see if the family was ready to take the child back. If they were ready then they will talk with different authorities in the area, religious leaders, town leaders, women groups, youth groups, just to explain what happened to the child, the process the child went through, how the child, who has been with the RUF, now was a different person and could be trusted and sent back to the community. If everybody agree on taking back the child the social workers will take the child back to their family.

Sometimes the children are coming from other regions because we cover mostly for reunification Western Area. We send the information to the agency in that area and they would do the tracing for the family and all these processes I just described and if the family was ready to receive the child we send the child to that agency to be unified with his family, or her family.

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