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"The name of my boss when I was in Camp Lion was Target. The soldiers of RUF didn't like him because he was very smart. The most traumatising fact of my life was when Target shot and killed a rebel whose name was Tamaboroh, or called Tamaboroh. Tamaboroh had miraculous powers that allow him to appear and disappear at his wish. He was the one who helped us in the attacks" - sorry:

"He was the one who helped us in the successful attacks launched by the rebels near Koinadugu in the northern province of Sierra Leone. However, my boss saw him fighting, Target shot and killed him. The rebels liked very much Tamaboroh because of his miraculous powers, his special powers, and they organised a rebellion and arrested Target and they killed him summarily on the spot. I loved Target. He was good to me. I was not able to hide my feelings and I started shouting. The people who had against my boss wanted to kill me because I was crying for a monster. This fact comes to me over and over."

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