The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Sorry, let me start again, sorry:

"I cannot forget. I was captured by Rambo, one famous fighter whose name is very well known in Sierra Leone. He took me to Liberia, together with other people, to be trained and later to fight against our enemies. I took drugs to feel secure. The time of the training was very hard and difficult. Many people died. The 6 June 1999" - may I say something? I think it should say 6 January. Maybe a typo from the book. Anyway, the right translation is:

"The 6 June 1999 we entered the city with heavy weapons and the commander in charge was Sam Bockarie, Mosquito and Rambo. Because I was not afraid I was promoted to lieutenant. I still remember all these things. I have problems concentrating in my studies."

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