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I find that very difficult to answer, because - partly because of course the whole country had suffered greatly from the war and everything associated with it between the period of President Doe up to 1990 and the period after 1997 when Mr Taylor became President of Liberia. I mean, a lot of things had happened in-between. Even the population patterns had changed, because during those war years from December 1989 until July 1997, if we take that as the period of war, there had been huge movements - in particular large numbers of people from rural areas had come into Monrovia, whose population had increased very greatly, and large numbers of people had fled abroad as refugees and then were coming back in 1997. I myself spent quite a lot of time in Liberia in some rural areas in 1997 and at that point people were coming back on a large scale, in this case from Guinea. I was in Lofa County.

So - and I also haven't gone into the question of statistical measures of family income, or things like that, and so I really find it impossible to answer precisely whether - if that is the sense of the question, is whether the mass of the population was better off under President Taylor than under President Doe, I really couldn't say.

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