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What you say in your report, and I am now going to the first main paragraph on page 15, you look into the question of whether or not the RUF learned these particular tactics from what you call its NPFL mentors, or whether they had even been ordered to carry them out. You say there what you have already said in evidence: That in 1994 you yourself saw photographs of people who had had hands amputated when you were in Liberia and in 1997 you personally saw a victim who had had his ears cut off. But then you go on to say this:

"However, in regard to the RUF's signature atrocity, the amputation of hands, there is little evidence of any Liberian precedent. The amputation of hands does not appear to have taken place on a large scale, or according to a detectable pattern, at any stage of the Liberian war and the present author is not aware of any evidence that the RUF adopted this tactic in imitation of the NPFL."

You go on to make a further comment that doesn't concern me for these purposes.

There is no evidence at all, is there, to suggest that that particular brutality is something that the RUF learned from the NPFL?

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