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Now, during this morning's cross-examination from Defence counsel you were being asked about how you knew arms came from Liberia and you were being asked about your prior statements and the testimony you gave in this Court. You have listed - the reasons you have said you knew were: The language that was being spoken by those that were bringing the materials; you said yesterday in court that because of the dress of the particular individuals and the word "NPFL navy rangers" on yellow polo shirts; you said in this Court, and in prior statements, because of conversations and talking to the Liberians that came to Buedu; you said in this Court, and also in prior statements, from the direction which the vehicles came into Buedu; you said, in a prior statement, from a conversation you had with Tom Sandy; and you said, in a prior trial in Freetown, from your intelligence. Are these all the reasons you know that these arms came from Liberia?

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