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Now, Mr Koker, this might take some time, but I want to go over briefly your previous statements to the Office of the Prosecutor about arms shipments, or deliveries from Liberia, as well as your testimony in the AFRC case in July 2005.

Your Honours, the first - your Honours, the first tab to which I will be referring is tab 1 and that is the statement from 26 March 2003 and the ERN number ends in 97. It is 00003597. The section of the page would be the third full paragraph, which begins with "Witness", and I will be reading from five lines down where it says, "Witness participated ..." Mr Koker, this is what you told the Prosecution on 26 March. It says:

"Witness participated about four times in the offloading of arms form [sic] DAF Trucks from Monrovia into a store at Gokodu R at Buedu. He saw AK 47s RPGs, machine guns and other ammunition. Knew the arms were from Liberia because those who brought them were Liberian because they spoke the Liberian English. He was also told by some of them whom he saw dressed in Liberian arm uniforms".

This is what you said to the Prosecution in March 2003, correct?

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