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Mr Koker, you spoke with the Prosecution on May, 21 2007 and they took notes of their conversation with you and I want to read you some of that conversation. It says in the relevant part:

"The witness said he saw civilians being captured by both the RUF and AFRC soldiers. These civilians include men, women and children. The ages of children were between 12 and 15 years old. The witness states that the capturing of civilians took place in Kono District; these incidents took place in the areas occupied by the RUF and AFRC soldiers. This was the first week of February 1998. The witness said these civilians were captured to be used as labour to transport on their heads looted properties of RUF and AFRC soldiers. The witness states that the capturing of civilians was not an order he heard being given by commanders. But it was a common practice by every fighter, junior and senior commanders to capture civilians".

Mr Koker, that is what you said on 21 May 2007 to the Prosecution, isn't it?

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