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What I mean is what I am going to explain. When we came there was no burning of houses. When we arrived and I found that they were burning these houses, this person with whom I was in the same house, I tried to find out what was happening in Kono, then I asked him, "Why are they burning - why are people burning houses: And he said, "It's an order that has come" and he said the order had come from Mosquito and he said that order is called Operation No Living Thing, that we are going to burn all the houses in Kono. If that happens no soldier will be able to stay in Kono, when the government forces come they wouldn't be able to stay in Kono, when ECOMOG comes they wouldn't stay in Kono. We would be the only ones that will be staying in Kono and if Kono happens like that it will be under our control, complete control, RUF and juntas.

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