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When I went to go and find food, when I came I met my colleagues, the juntas and RUF guys, they were entering people's houses and setting houses on fire, setting houses on fire, and I call one of my colleague soldier and said, "Look now we've come here and we were passing through up to Kailahun, why are you burning houses?" He said, "It's an order for us to burn these houses."

And I myself, I went and met Eldred Collins and I said, "I have heard that burning of houses has started again" and he said yes. He admitted it to me. He said yes. He said, "Operation No Living Thing - this is Operation No Living Thing." And I asked him, "How is this happening?" He said, "This is an order from Mosquito."

And I returned and asked him again, "Why are they burning these houses?" He said, "Well, we are burning these houses so that when ECOMOG comes they wouldn't stay in Kono, when the government forces come they wouldn't stay in Kono. So if that happens we will burn the houses and we will take the zinc, the roof, and build houses. So if that happens Kono would be under our control and we would be working there."

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