The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

When we were invited, that is Roland Duoh and myself, when we were invited to go to Kalaba we decided to travel to go to Togo first and we went to Benjamin Yeaten because we wanted him to confirm for us and then he called Mr Taylor. Whilst he was calling him he moved from the chair and sat on the ground while he had the phone over his ear communicating to Mr Taylor. And then I asked him, I said, "Oh, boss man, why have you left the chair to sit down on the ground?" Then he said to me, "When I am communicating with my father it appears to me as though he was standing over me and so I have been so much used to that to the extent that even when he is not around me, I don't see him with my eyes, I have to sit on the ground because I assume he is standing over me." From there he spoke with Mr Taylor and he told him that we were travelling to go and see him and then we travelled, we went to him.

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