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Where you are not to yourself. Let me clear a little bit about that. Let me be clear about that. When the NPFL started organising - when I advised Mr Taylor, before we could go Guinea, when they started preparing the mission to attack Guinea I didn't want to be involved in attacking Guinea. I didn't want to be part of the attack on Guinea. Attack in Sierra Leone and Guinea, I would be attacking my family members. So, I personally made myself stupid so that they can forget about me. Other than that, it didn't take three to four months when I was called and given arms and ammunition to attack. I said if there is a war in Liberia and somebody comes and attacks me in Liberia I can defend the government against that, but I cannot be a part of any war that would attack Sierra Leone because that is my motherland. My great, great ancestors from Mali empire went to Guinea to come to Liberia. I cannot be a part of any force to attack Guinea. So, I was not crazy, I had my senses and I knew what I was doing.

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