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Page 149, paragraph 69, and there we see this:

"Concerning the jar of diamonds that the witness saw in Voinjama with Sam Bockarie, the witness confirmed that he saw the jar of diamonds with Bockarie as he explained in a statement dated 16/17 July 2007. The witness explained that it is also correct, as he stated in an earlier statement dated 29/30 November and 4 December 2006, that Master General also saw the jar of diamonds as both the witness and Master General saw Bockarie with the jar at the same time, but the witness did not mention the fact in the November/December 2006 statement that he saw himself the diamonds as he was not sure at that time whether he would be in trouble himself by saying that".

Pause there. Now up until this point, you have been telling this Court that the reason why you did not mention diamonds in your first interview was (1) because you were mistrustful of the OTP as a result of what had been said to you by somebody else and also that - and you told us this several times - your head is not a computer. Here we see you giving a completely different reason as to why you didn't mention it, because at the time you didn't know whether you would be in trouble by mention - saying it. Help us with this, please. How could you have got in trouble by mentioning it?

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