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We were having a meeting together and later sometimes Mr Taylor will send for Benjamin Yeaten and have a secret meeting or instruction. That is why I am saying that not in his presence, but some of the key areas, anything relating to RUF issue or Sam Bockarie, I am not part of that, because even though I received instruction to get Sam Bockarie and to carry Sam Bockarie later, when I was relieved - I been [indiscernible] Benjamin Yeaten and Zigzag Mazhar started dealing with Sam Bockarie, the reason was because I was not an NPFL member. The reason was that for me to start the job, clear Lofa, at the earlier part they couldn't use Lofa, and since I had done that job my own side was finish and the remaining part was done by Zigzag Mazhar and Benjamin Yeaten.

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