The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

And so we can skip the next three pages and go to page 133. You were then asked about a number of names, last line on page 133. I am not going to go through those names. I just want to remind you of the context.

Then when we go to page 139, in the middle of that page, having been asked about photographs and individuals the witness then gave the following additional information. Now the part of this additional information I want to ask you about, in light of the testimony you have given us as to how close you were to President Taylor - let's go to page 144, shall we. Paragraph 49:

"The witness, when he was working in the SSS as assistant director for operations, could attend any meeting he wanted", but this is the important part, "but he noticed that everything was not always said in his presence as he was a former enemy."

You were not an insider, were you?

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