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Very well. Now there's just a couple more interviews that I want to deal with and I'm hopeful that I can complete at least one of them before the luncheon adjournment. Could you turn, please, to page 124. Now this is, as stated at the top of the page, a clarification interview where you were present at the Great Wall in Monrovia. It took place on 6 August, I take that to be 2007, and present apart from yourself was a David Cunningham and a Joseph Sesay of the OTP.

Now there is one matter that I want to ask you about in relation to this interview and it's on the following page, page 125, reference at the top 00021925, the second to last paragraph on that page:

"The conversation regarding the diamonds was clarified to be incorrect. VS had nothing to do with diamonds. CT", I take to be Charles Taylor, "was saying that SB", I take to be Sam Bockarie, "presently had money to buy the arms from the fighters who had not previously turned them in."

Pause there. Now what part of the conversation regarding the diamonds was clarified to be incorrect?

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