The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Thank you.

"Yet President Conteh told him this was not true. After that trip and unknown to Conteh fighters who became the LURD did organise in Guinea around the Macenta area close to the border with Lofa County. These fighters are attacked the Voinjama area in 1999 and then retreated back to Guinea. Taylor complained to Conteh, but Conteh denied that such attack took place from Guinea.

In that same year a second attack was launched against Lofa County from Guinea through the area of Koindu, Sierra Leone. Taylor again complained to Conteh. Conteh responded that the attack came from Sierra Leone, not from Guinea. These two attacks and Conteh's denial that they were launched from Guinea led Taylor to attack Guinea in 2000, first against Pamelap and then later against Gueckedou."

You go on to mention that the RUF participate in those attacks as well. Pause there. Were you present when these conversations took place between President Taylor and President Conteh?

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