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This is not true, you are explaining. What I have said to you is that from the start when the Special Court started interviewing me I used to tell them that I would give them some information and I would tell them that they should stop writing and that if they continued writing I will walk out. And they will not take note of such information and for anything I would want them to write, when they put it on paper I will sign. Some of the information I gave to them I will tell them, no, I want this to be off records and if they wrote them on paper I would tell them that I would not continue to give the information. But we started it from the start. I explained so many things but not all of them were on documents.

At the earliest part when Roland Duoh and NPFL supporters had created fear into everybody in Monrovia and that people were here from the Special Court of Sierra Leone and that all those people who will go there to explain something about Mr Taylor, they will all be arrested and taken to jail in Freetown and that they wanted to see to it that those who were involved let justice be done to everybody.

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