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Some of the days mentioned just now, I left for Monrovia with my family to be relocated when my family was under threat, 1 April 2007. From that time to present my allowance has been given to me at the area I was. So you mentioned all that.

So what do you expect when I leave from my country where I was working - when I was working with Mr Taylor, the money that he used to give to me, can you compare to that to this when he used to give me 20,000 just to go on a small job I was doing in Lofa, 20,000 United States dollars. He gave it to me and he gave me 10,000, he gave me 5,000, more than threefold. So what is this? This is if I had been paid for hours, not paid - the job I was doing in Monrovia was more satisfactory.

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