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Because let's see what happens. Having looked at the pattern of payments to you up to this point, let's look what happens the minute you mention diamonds. Can we go back to the schedule, please. This is at page - can we have the schedule up on the screen, please. Yes, let's see what happens.

Now we know that interview is on 29 November, 30 November and 4 December. I have already mentioned that on 27 November you were given 300 US dollars for source development. On the first day that you were interviewed you were given a further 50 US dollars for transport and lost wages. On the second day of the interview, 30 November 2006, you were given 125 US dollars. Then on 1 December you were given a further 50 US dollars. On the final day of the interview, 4 December, you were given 15 US dollars and then thereafter we see that following 4 December when you finally tell them about diamonds, just turn over to the second page of the schedule, please, from December right through to July constant payments are being made to you and yet you're not being interviewed.

So we have a payment on 25 January of 50 US dollars. Then on 27 January, 100 US dollars. Then on 21 February, 5 US dollars. Then on 25 February, 100 US dollars. On 7 March, 100 US dollars. On 28 March, 160 US dollars. On 2 April, 90,000 in local currency. Then on the same day, 2 April, 100,000 in local currency. Then on 3 April, 88,000 in local currency. On the same day a further 50 in local currency. Then on 4 April 20 - it doesn't say, but I presume it's US dollars. Then 21 April, 20,000 in local currency. Then on 30 April a further 20,000 in local currency. Then on 29 June a further 146,000 in local currency. Then on 12 July, 30,000 in local currency. And during that whole period not a single interview. You're in it for the money, aren't you, Mr Sherif?

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