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Very well. I'm not going to delay further on that. Turn to page 107, please, the second paragraph from the bottom of the page. Now you're still talking about the Sam Bockarie trip. Listen to this summary:

"One of the soldiers who was escorting the witness when they took Sam Bockarie from Buedu through Lofa County told him when they were on the way that Sam Bockarie was in possession of diamonds and that he had seen them with Bockarie. This soldier told the witness that they should kill Sam Bockarie, take the diamonds and run away to Guinea.

Bockarie had 10 bodyguards with him but it would have been easy to kill all of them as they were in Lofa County in former ULIMO-K territory. The witness did not agree to kill Sam Bockarie as he had his family in Monrovia and knew that Taylor would have killed his family.

The nickname of the soldier who proposed to kill Bockarie was Master General and he later fought alongside with the LURD. This happened as they were passing through Voinjama. Master General saw the diamonds when Sam Bockarie was taking his clothes off before his hair cut in Sierra Leone. It was a small mayonnaise jar that was full of diamonds. The witness did not see any money or bag containing money with Bockarie as they were travelling."

Pause there. This is the very first time, 21 months after this first interview, when you mention a mayonnaise jar of diamonds. Do you agree?

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