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Now the reason why I want to underline that fact is this: When we now turn to page 106 we see this at the top of the page:

"When the witness and his three bodyguards drove into Kailahun Town" - I pause to mention you're describing the trip to get Sam Bockarie - "they saw that there was something going on. There was a group of 20 to 30 armed RUF gathering and the witness saw a man in uniform talking to the soldiers. The witness inquired with the RUF soldiers as to where Sam Bockarie was and they pointed out the man talking to the soldiers as being Sam Bockarie. The witness gave to one of the RUF soldiers a message to bring to Sam Bockarie. The message was that SSS people sent by Charles Taylor were there to see him.

Shortly after that the witness and his bodyguards saw at least 10 people or so with their arms tied behind their back being brought to Sam Bockarie. They were brought in front of a small building that was on the road that leads south from the main junction and is past where the present police station is. The witness saw Sam Bockarie who was talking to the prisoners in Krio. He was dressed in military uniform and had apparently just came from Freetown.

The witness and his bodyguards could not hear what Sam Bockarie said, but he was shouting at the prisoners. The witness then saw Sam Bockarie shooting them with a pistol in the head one after the other."

Question now, please, Mr Sherif: Why did it take you 21 months to remember to tell the OTP about that incident?

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