The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

"The first attack was launched from Koindu in Sierra Leone against Foya and Kolahun. The second attack launched by the LURD was against Kolahun and Voinjama. The third attack by the LURD was launched against Voinjama. There were about two weeks between the three attacks. LURD attacked from Guinea but through Sierra Leone by bypassing Koindu. They came through Sierra Leone because they did not want it to be known that they came from Guinea. However, the third attack was launched from Macenta in Guinea straight against Voinjama. After these attacks Taylor's forces in Lofa County started organising themselves. That is the time when they contacted the RUF to come for military assistance in Lofa County."

Pause there. So you agree, do you, that there was a degree of cooperation between the RUF and Liberian government forces in order to repel the invasion of Liberia by LURD?

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