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Very well. We'll come back to the payments. But in any event if we go now, please, to page 95 in that bundle. I'm hopeful that we can deal with this interview quite shortly. This was a further interview conducted with you over two days on 10 and 13 November 2006. Present was Alain Werner who appears today for the Prosecution and a Janet Tommy. Now you were asked various details at the commencement of this interview about your involvement with ULIMO and I have asked you about that before and I do not intend to go over that area again, but could we pick up this interview, please, on page 97 in the penultimate paragraph, the second to last paragraph on that page. Do you see:

"The LURD was a rebel movement active after the election of Taylor as president in 1997. Jomandeh Kamara was the leader of the LURD for two months since its creation in 1999-2000. Then Shekou Conneh", S-H-E-K-U K-O-N-N-E-H, "took over from Jomandeh Kamara and is the leader of the LURD until today. Mosquito Spray was with the LURD until 2003. He was initially the spokesperson of the LURD and then was a senior LURD commander. His real name is Facian Jakateh", F-A-C-I-A-N J-A-K-A-T-E-H, "and he was given this nickname because he wanted to get rid of the two existing Mosquito; RUF Sam Bockarie and former NPFL Christopher Varmoh."

Over the page, please.

"There were about 50 per cent of Mandingos in the LURD and both former ULIMO-K and ULIMO-J fighters in its ranks but with a majority of ULIMO-K fighters."

Pause there. Do you agree with all of that?

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