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Now on that day, 30 July, when you were shown these photographs - Madam Court Manager, we can put the photographs away, please, MFI-3 A and B. Can we put the schedule on the screen, please. That document, yes, thank you. So that took place on 30 July.

What we know when we go to page 115 of the bundle is - so this is some 10 days or so after that meeting. 155 of the bundle. On 9 August you were given 300 United States dollars and that was an emergency payment for temporary relocation of family members. Then on 19 September you were given a further 100 US dollars for transport and assisting in locating witnesses for WMU. Then on 24 September you were given a further $100, US dollars, for transport and lost wages. Then finally on 12 October you were given a further 215 US dollars, payment to assist in the relocation of his family.

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