The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Let me tell you. We had several pictures, snapshots, that I had with Sam Bockarie. That was the time when they said Sam Bockarie was a wanted man and Mr Taylor was trying to hide Sam Bockarie. When he sent Sam Bockarie to Burkina Faso, that was the time I destroyed all the pictures. Even some of my family members had so many photographs, snapshots, that I had with Sam Bockarie, but they destroyed every picture that I had with Sam Bockarie together. And even this one that you see Sam Bockarie on it in particular, that was probably the only one that I was left out. But I had so many snapshots with Sam Bockarie. Everywhere, Foya, Voinjama, Kolahun, everywhere I had snapshots with Sam Bockarie. Maybe after some time, we stay after some time, it is possible that I can see some others.

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