The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

"The witness states that groups of former combatants in Liberia who were trading looted property, arms, or diamonds were invited into Sierra Leone openly by Bockarie with the guarantee that nothing would happen to them. Many of the people who crossed over were recruited into the RUF and this was one of the ways in which the RUF got more manpower. In relation to the reference to ULIMO, the witness clarifies that the name ULIMO only came up in the area of Lofa County. At this time the RUF were not dealing with a specific warring faction. They were dealing with all those interested in coming over to Sierra Leone."

And then this:

"Taylor did not have any specific influence with these people, only to the extent that he was condoning free movement across the border. Many people crossing over to Sierra Leone did not return, such as private people who were going to diamond mining areas like Tongo."

Pause there. Where you say, "Taylor did not have any specific influence with these people," what did you mean?

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