The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

I was not aware that I was going so fast, but let me start again:

"The witness advises that the arms being supplied to the RUF were coming from all warring factions: From ULIMO, NPFL, Liberian Peace Council. Initially Taylor instructed that all the arms that were obtained from the ULIMO fighters in Lofa should be brought to Monrovia, but after the recruitment and deployment Taylor ordered that all weapons from Lofa should be diverted to Sierra Leone. At first weapons were taken to Sierra Leone on a weekly basis, but then Bockarie took control of the entire Lofa area and the fighters carried weapons all the time in bags, or any way they could, into Sierra Leone. The arms being sent to Sierra Leone consisted of RPG and their bombs, AK-47s and the ammunition. According to information given to the witness, fighters were being paid $200-300 per weapon. Further, the witness states that some weapons were exchanged for looted items which had been taken from Freetown during the invasion. The witness states that this all occurred just after the Freetown invasion in 1998 and during the ECOMOG intervention."

Now, do you agree with all of that?

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