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Let me help you by repeating the answer. I told you the reason that we could not use the helicopter to escort Sam Bockarie. You remember what happened? When a member of the AFRC travelled through the helicopter from Freetown, they landed in Monrovia. What happened was they were intercepted by ECOMOG and I was bringing Sam Bockarie in secret. What would have been a secret would have used the same helicopter again to be intercepted by ECOMOG? No. That is why Benjamin Yeaten and Musa Cissay met me on the highway because they were the most senior officers, the chiefs of security for the Republic of Liberia, nobody searching their vehicle. Their vehicle had no licence plate. He was the director for SSS, that was why they decided to meet me on the highway to take Sam Bockarie and transfer him to the vehicle and they will use Roberts International Airport route to get to Monrovia.

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