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I went back to the house, took the rest of the men including Sam Bockarie's men and his vehicle. We drove back to the same location. That is Waisue. When we got there nobody was there, but within the next ten minutes we saw them coming.

When Sam Bockarie got down from Benjamin Yeaten's vehicle, he transferred in his own vehicle, both of us were riding together. I was driving in Sam Bockarie's vehicle. When he was so happy with me he told me, "Thanks very much, because you have been the very first person to make things possible for me to see Mr Taylor". He said, "I knew Mr Taylor during the time when RUF was getting ready for the mission. At that time I was just a little boy and Foday Sankoh was the leader at that time, but all of the time we had just been communicating through radio. For me to sit down with Mr Taylor face-to-face and talk and to see him and sit and talk, you have been the cause that has happened for me and I will never forget about you. You will always be my friend and any time I come down Monrovia I will reach to you. I have money. He gave me money. I have satellite. He gave me satellite phone. Any time I want to communicate with him I can communicate with him. In any part of the world I want to communicate I will communicate with that person".

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