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At the back of the house he took his jacket off to hang it. Whilst in the process of taking his jacket off, I saw a mayonnaise bottle that he took out of his jacket and we realised there were diamonds in it, in his pocket. One of my senior officers who saw these diamonds said, "Oh, we can get rid of this man and take these diamonds and then we will cross over to a different country and then go away". Then I said to him, "No, if you do that we will be putting ourselves into problem and we have our families in Monrovia and so that is not necessary".

Then later, the assistant director for intelligence travelled through helicopter. He came to see me. He said the President sent him, President Mr Taylor now, to make sure that the person that I am bringing to Monrovia whether he is the true Sam Bockarie. He had a picture with him, and that was I think Sam Bockarie's picture that he was carrying, and when he was just coming from the bathroom we were now getting ready to go to Monrovia. He looked at him and he said, "Yes, thank you very much. You make me feel good".

Then later in an hour's time we left Voinjama. We travelled to Zorzor and from Zorzor we travelled to Salayea. From Salayea we travelled to Belefanai. From Belefanai we travelled to Wiesua. That is the village very close to Gbange. That is the very last village to Gbange.

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