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Now Sam Bockarie told me - he said, "Okay, I'm satisfied now. You can now go to the house and prepare yourself for us to leave." And then if he ask me - he asked me what route I used when I was coming to Buedu and I explained to him that I used from Vahun I crossed to Bomaru, from Bomaru to Bawala, from Bawala to Pendembu, from Pendembu to Kenema. No, no, no, from Pendembu to Kailahun. To Kailahun, I'm sorry. From Kailahun to Buedu. He said, "No, I am not going to use that route because I still have some fear in me that there is a problem in front of me. So we will use another route. So we will use the route from here to Koindu."

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