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I was the - a former ULIMO fighter and I was one of the most senior commander and that was a general agreement amongst all of us, the generals, that before the disarmament whatever we do we should try to camouflage some of the arms and ammunition that in case the peace process broke up we shouldn't be empty handed. The only thing, I never knew where they went to camouflage it because at that time I already had position in Monrovia as assistant director of operations. That was the reason why I told the former President that I wanted to go and look. I never wanted to say to him that, oh, I know the place and if I went there I could not find them, it was going to be a problem for me. So when I went there I tried to talk to the former fighters who had information about him. I put them together, we discussed about it, and that - before they finally showed me where the guns and the ammunition were hidden.

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