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Assistant director for operations. At that time it was a factional government. You were only there to seek the interest of your faction at that time, because whenever there would be a group of men who were supposed to come to security section every faction would have to provide 50 people and the other faction will provide 50 persons and that was how it happened and then they will have to meet the director, they discuss about it and then they get the training and then they start the service.

When a faction leader was coming to the Executive Mansion you would be there to supervise it because the other people were there also and nobody wanted confusion at that time again. And in case of any problem you, the one who was representing your people, will be there at the security meeting at that time.

So at that time I was working in the capacity of SSS in my faction leader's interest. My leader would call me and tell me that this is the way I want you to operate, or that is the way I want you to operate and you would take that message to your director and I would say my boss want me to operate this kind of way.

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