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Well, the treatment of the civilians, we didn't get any good news about that because most of the places that we captured, we realised that people were tied. Sometimes you ask why they are executing people, they tell you that we heard that they are supporters of NPFL. And that was ULIMO at the time. And some other time, people who were taken from there, if you complain you will be executed. And some other people, people's children who were under the age, 13, 14 years old girls were used at their wives. If the parent complains that person will die.

If you have food they tell you that you civilian, you don't have blood in your body, you cannot be having food and the soldier who is carrying gun does not have food and then your food will be taken away from you. So sometimes you have to leave your food in the bush and if you have your food you bring it to the town, it will be taken away from you. Those were the informations that we heard from them.

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