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There were two sources. We were put on to this plane and this individual and this set of arms by the Angola expert panel, which had recorded the fact that a large shipment of arms had gone to Burkina Faso. That was already known when our panel began to investigate this, but we wanted to find out what actually happened to the weapons. It was not only that weapons had arrived in Burkina Faso. Until we got into it, it was only an allegation that they had moved further into Liberia.

Basically our air traffic control expert went to Spain and reviewed flight logs. Where Spanish dates are mentioned he had been to Spain and viewed the flight logs for this particular aircraft. Where the flight logs - where the airport is Bobo Dioulasso, or Ouagadougou, again he saw the flight records in those places. There were no flight - there was no flight data, no flight logs whatsoever available to the panel in Liberia, but we saw the details on these flights from the other countries.

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