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You know, I think there are very few Sierra Leoneans who don't have a direct experience of some of these atrocities. If it didn't happen to them directly, it happened to - it happened to members of their family.

I can give you the example of one of my students. She was 13 or 14, when I taught her at Koidu secondary school. When I was in Sierra Leone about four years ago I had lost touch with her, but she heard from a mutual acquaintance that I was coming and she wanted to see me and she came and she told me her story. Now she is, you know, in her late 40s. She was from Kono and her husband - she had married, she had two children. They were in the diamond business, her husband had land and mined diamonds, and they were I guess fairly well off. They had a house and a Land Rover. She said that if the rebels came - they were in Kono District and they knew that there was a chance that the rebels would come. She said if they came they had made a plan. They would go out the back way and they would run. They would run through the woods and across the border to --

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