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In a legal situation in most countries the miner has a licence, and this could be a very small miner digging alluvial diamonds like I have just described, or it could be a very big company with a deep shaft mine. The mining company has a licence. They may export directly if it is a large company, but in Sierra Leone, in West Africa, in Congo and Angola, you have a lot of small miners - very small miners. They have a licence to mine, if they are doing it legally. They will sell probably to a dealer, who will consolidate the diamonds and sell those diamonds to an exporter. In Sierra Leone you have a distinction between a mining licence, a dealer's licence and an exporting licence. The exporter will consolidate what the dealers bring and will export them. They will then go to one of the major international trading centres. They might go to Antwerp. Most go to Antwerp. It is the biggest trading centre in the world. Some might go to Israel. Some might go to India. Some might go to the United States, or another centre where diamonds are traded, or cut and polished.

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