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Yes. At the Partnership Africa Canada we had issued a report on diamonds in Sierra Leone in January of 2000. There had been an earlier report on diamonds in Angola written by Global Witness and in March of 2000 the Angolan sanctions committee of the Security Council had come out with a report talking about the problem of diamonds in fuelling the war in Angola. It corroborated a lot of what Global Witness had said, it corroborated a lot of what we had said generically about the diamond industry and I was approached by the Security Council office at the United Nations and asked if I would let my name stand for possible membership in this new panel that was going to be created to deal with Sierra Leone. The names on the panel would be submitted to the Secretary-General and he would make a decision. So I said, yes, I would let my name stand. Some weeks later I was called back and told that the Secretary-General had made the choice and I was to be on the panel.

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