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Mr Lansana, you were asked the question - actually, your Honours, it might be best if I were to start from page 20 for contextual reasons and that will be the last line, line 15, and there's a question posed to you:

"Q. Who was now in charge of the communication in Kangari


A. Kangari Hill?

Q. Yeah.

A. One Martin Moinama, who - Martin Moinama was in charge.

Q. And where is Martin Moinama now?

A. Really, I cannot give a specific location of Martin

Moinama, but according to other information that I got, he

was the one that prosecuted Mr Sankoh in 1990 - the last

case that he got, that he was condemned, yeah, he was the

one who do the Prosecution. So I cannot tell his

whereabouts now and I have not seen him from that time."

This is what you told the Prosecution in 2003?

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