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I will read from lines 12 through 20 if it please the Court. Mr Lansana, the area of questioning now involves how you knew what was going on in Freetown and here is what you told the Prosecution on 21 November 2003:

"Q. So can you tell us about any plan that was made,

either by RUF or AFRC, or by the two of them, to attack

Freetown on January 6th, 1999?

A. No. No. The group that entered Freetown were directly

under the command of Bazzy, Gullit, and the entire men or

command structure within Rosos, and we were far from that

particular point. So --

Q. But how did you know that it was the group which was

based at Rosos that invaded Freetown on January 6th, 1999?

How did you know that?

A. I got to know that when we enter Pademba, and even now

there are people who discuss it on daily basis in Pademba."

That's what you told the Prosecution in November 2003, true? True or false that is what you told them?

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