The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

The ERN number of this page is 00043990 and the one for the next page ends in 91. Paragraph 13:

"Witness states that in June 1990 there was a serious fighting in the city of Monrovia and a lot NPFL Commandos were wounded and killed. There had been a serious ECOMOG Alpha Jet raid from Freetown.

This was reported to Charles G Taylor and he responded by saying that quote 'At this time it necessary to take battle to the enemy zone that is Freetown'".

Paragraph 15:

"Charles Taylor ordered the Special Forces to keep their men informed in respect of what he had said to them. Witness states that he was present when Charles Taylor mounted his satellite phone and informed the world over the BBC that since [Sierra Leone] is hosting his enemy i.e. ECOMOG which was killing people in Liberia, that 'Sierra Leone would taste bitterness of war'".

Mr Lansana, this is what you told the Office of the Prosecution?

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