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Now this document, the document on pages 6 and 7, were disclosed to us by the Office of the Prosecutor. Document 6, captioned "Sierra Leone Government", is from the Director of Prisons to the Chief of Investigation, the date is 20 March 2000 and the date does not appear to be legible but it appears to be 7, and I would indicate that the document in tab 7 is a summary of this document in tab 6 also provided to the Defence by the Office of the Prosecution.

Now, this document from the Director of Prisons says:

"Information on Detained Prisoner Foday Lansana at Freetown Central Prisons.

I am directed to inform you that the above name prisoner was incarcerated at Freetown Central Prison on 9th May, 2000 convicted by the Court on 11th April, 2006 and left on his current sentence ...", and what appears to be one year, eleven months and 26 days. Mr Lansana, this document says you were arrested - I am sorry, you were taken to the prison on 9th May. Is that about right to you?

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