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In fact if we were to go to tab number 5 on page number 2, the ERN number is 00037712, these are interview notes from your meeting on 16 - on 17 January 2007 with OTP investigators Saffa and Niemi. At the top of the page it says:

"The witness stated that he would be willing to testify should he be called upon by the Prosecution to testify, however, the witness wants it to be known that he is worried about his [safety]. He [said] he is in a difficult situation due to the fact that he is serving a sentence at Pademba [road] Prison. He has become the focus of attention of many inmates due to his transfer from the Prison during the interviews. The inmates do not know exactly where he was going, however, there is a lot of speculation and he has been forced to come up with an explanation, other than attending the SCSL. The witness also has concerns about the security of his family".

This is what you told Saffa and Niemi in January 2007, yes?

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